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Welcome to our "Sponsors" category, do you feel ready to represent our brand? You will thus be able to receive our products for free and regularly and participate in the different "Shotting" organized by our brand.

For this, all you need is a Facebook profile with at least 5000 fans or an Instagram profile with at least 5000 subscribers. Send us a photo of you, your Facebook link or your Instagram Nickname and we will contact you as soon as possible.

PS: Come live a unique adventure.

Post Scriptum represents above all an alternative movement, a playful and parodic expression carried by young Moroccans.

"Trendy / Bohemian / Popular / Pops" through the jewel of the brand: Branded and Trendy T-shirts (for the first collection).

This is a real opportunity to give Morocco a young creative force defending an urban and "casual" fashion.

Its founders represent a model of success for young Moroccans in general and especially for talented, creative, committed to originality.